Brands and events

Branding is one of the most important parts of business strategy. There are numerous of definitions what branding is and also many misunderstanding of branding.  Branding is sometimes considered as an advertising function as well. These are some of the possible definitions of branding.

·       Strategic point of view, not an activities.

·       Creating customer value, not just images.

·       Brand strategies must be putted into the marketing mix.

The brand value reflects how the company name of the product´s name is taken by the target audience for a product of by the market place. It is important to understand the meaning and the value of the brand in order to make marketing mix.  Before every brand is a compelling idea, which is about customers or guests attention and loyalty.

In this my article I would like to focus on ideas how to brand the events and for example meetings.

When thinking about all events we´ve planned in our lifetime, from the biggest event, like Aarhus 2017 to kid´s birthday party, I would say it is everytime based in the same ideas, or examples. For example birthday party always starts with: „Do we want aby theme, for example Madagaskar“? or: „How do we want to decore our party meaning materials, invitations, plates and so one?“.

These are the basic things we must consider when we are making some event.

When talking about specific examples which can help you to make a good event, I would like to mention some of them.  I will write something about name and invitations, how to do them, what should to think about and how they should look like. Then I will write little bit about social media, food and beverage, speakers or take-away gifts.


·       Name of the event

In branding perspective, to chose a good and enough strong name, it is the most difficult decision, because good name can make a brand. We can say, in many cases of two products, there is only difference in the names. You need to find a name for your event that is memorable and it is connected with the idea of the event.

·       Invitations

Invitations are the possibility to inform people about your event, where is the event, when is the event or what is the event about before people actually attend. Invitations can also makes people exited. Because of the invitations, people will get a view about the event and they can more look forward to attend.

·       Social media

To promote your event it is best way to use social media. Social media like Facebook, Youtube or Twitter can be the best ones to advertise your event. They can be one of the biggest marketing plans. Facebook is common social media. Almost everybody has a facebook account, but it doesn´t have to be just facebook, where to post your event.  You can also use Instagram, where you can post many photos before, during and after the event.

·       Food and beverage

It doesn´t matter if you serve full meal of just cakes, but food and beverages are one of factors in your event branding plan. The best way for for and beverage is to serve fresh and healthy food tasty for everyone. Of course not just vegetable. In my opinion food in your event should consist of each kind of food from vegetable, through meat until cakes. It is also good idea to serve drinks in the same color as you event is created. For example if the events is in color red, it would looks good, if you serve drinks in color red as well. It makes a big impression.

·       Speakers

I would say every good event has to have music. And music is connected with good quality speakers. If you, or some of the guests want to say something to the rest of guests, speakers can provide your guests more information. Professional speakers could be expensive, but you can use your own or rent a speakers for cheaper price.

·       Take away gifts

One of the important parts of smaller events is possibility to take the gifts away. It will get to your guests something to remember your event by. Gifts to take away can be for example promotional products, gift bags and so one.


How can you sustain your company?

Many way of sustainability has been defined, but the most clear and the easiest is: „ the ability to sustain“ or „the capacity to endure“.  While sustainability is about the future, for today´s business, it is also about commercial. In this article, I would like to write about how to sustainable the company to looks good, to be success and so one. There are many ways to sustainable the company, for example in design, strategy, or brand.

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It is not every time easy and to sustainable the company can be a big challenge not just for business and economics. Business sustainability is defined as managing the triple bottom line: a way by which the companies manage social and environmental risks, also their financial risk or opportunities and obligations. These three impacts are hand down to as people, planet and profits. World Council for Economic Development, sustainable development means that „meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” For development to be sustainable, it must direct issues with for example innovation, prosperity, community, health or human rights.

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There is no workplace, which is 100% sustainable. Sustainable can be never reached to its fullest, but at least, the company can do their maximum of activities to be enough sustainable. As an example, many Danish companies and international companies working seriously with sustainability is because of these two points: they often pay and that it can improve the company´s reputation.

By looking to this future, the following seven areas can provide your office, or company with goals to save money while improving your business. They are: energy, water, transportation, waste (recycle), communicate, collaboration and health (healthy lifestyle). A surprising amount of waste can be found in one workplace, or company, especially there is no sustainability.

Now I would like to write some examples how to sustainable the company to its maximum.

First is to create awareness. Basic sustainability includes recycling and burning using for example vegetable oil for energy. Good example is also to ask colleagues to reduce the use of electricity, paper, or use of water. The second one is Dining and Catering Programs. It can be challenge for your company, but I think these programs can help to your company so much, because of the company use health food service, it means little bit sustainability, part health I have already written about. An idea is to include for example raised meat, eggs, vegetables and lot of fruits, everything with zero-waste.

I have already mention the company can sustain itself with design, I would like to write some examples the company can use. Creating green buildings is the kernel of modern design and architecture.

·       Create a rooftop garden

This kind of garden can improve air quality, reduce runoff and conserve energy. In my opinion, it is also good possibility for employees to breathe a fresh air. Breathing a fresh air really helps when somebody is tired, because of sitting on the chair in the office everytime. Another idea is to consider. Rooftop gardens also imbibe pollutants, which is important in almost every bigger city, to make healthier air quality for your staff.

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·       Install Dynamic Glass

Windows we can find in every office, but there are not positive impact a company´s energy-efficacy. It is recommended to install Dynamic glass for the company´s windows. This glass  is controlling sunlight to optimize daylight, outdoor view, so comfort for the employees. Dynamic glass reduces energy dement because of blocking sunlight when hot days are.

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·       Use LED Lighting

LED lighting has better light quality than others types of lighting. LED uses 75% less energy and lasts 25 times longer lighting. It is also more comfortable for your eyes, so it makes your employees not tired.

In my opinion, the examples I have mention in this article can really help your company to be more sustainable, even it can be a big challenge, it is enough to make little changes for example in lights, and the company is little bit more sustainable in that moment.

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About me

Hi everyone,

my name is Sabina and I am 19 years old girl from Czech republic studying  in Denmark. I have made this blog just because one of my subjects in school is Speciality and the exam in this subject will be about this blog. So I thing when somebody is doing his/her own blog, it should include some info about that person. So I decided to write something about me, my family, my friends and my study time in Denmark.

Last year when I graduated in my high school, I studied air transport, I was thinking what I wanna do in the next part of my life. With few of my friends we went to visit companies offering study abroad. There I found company called Scandinavian study, which offer study in Scandinavia. In that moment I felt like I have just found something I wanna try. My biggest dream was to try to live abroad, and I felt like Denmark is really nice country, with friendly and happy people, so why not? I sent the application and here I am. After 7 months I am still here, I found a job, I like my study and I feel like to move from Czech to Denmark was the best decision I have ever done. I met the best people here, my friends here, they are like my family. Every weekend we do something together, we go to the trips pretty often, we want to make as many experiences as we can. When somebody ask me if I would go back to Czech Republic or if I miss my family, every time my answer is: „Of course I miss my family, but not too much to want to go back.“ We have skype and staff like that, so we can talk and see each other every day when we want to.

To say something what I like to do, for my whole life I love music. When I was still in Czech Republic, I used to go to the choir called Permoník and to play to the piano. I miss my piano so much here in Denmark. With my choir we won many competitions for example in New York, Sydney, South Korea and so one.

With my family every year we go to winter holiday, especially with my dad, to Italy to ski. This year, actually next week, we are going to Ponte di Legno, Passo tonale. I love Italy just because when I was young, my dad was working in Venice, so with my mum we lived there with him for 3 years. I used to speak Italian but I have forgotten almost everything from this language even I like it so much. Anyway I have started to learn myself Italian again, so we will see.

That´s all for now.

Have fun.



Future in air transportation

Air transport is the fastest, most modern and also most famous way of transportation nowadays. Many people prefer to travel using air transport because of these reasons. When I imagine technology in general, I would say that technology is everywhere in outside world, we use technology to communicate, to do homeworks, to work, to cook, to live, to travel and so one. Travel. When someone ask me something about travelling, every time my first idea is about air transport, as well as airports and aircrafts in generall. That is also the main reason why I chose air transport to write about in the theme technology. I decided to write something about Future in air transport, although there are numerous of plans how to develop air transport, I chose those for me most interesting.

The American company called Lockheed Martin is developing the fastest aircraft for passengers . Its name is QueSST. This aircraft should be faster than all aircrafts until now. What is pretty interesting for me is that the design of this aircraft will be different in compare with any existing aircraft, from the ground we would hear this aircraft as cotton on the neightbours´ car.


As far as aircrafts in generall and cabin crew, one of the plans how to develope and safe money for airlines is to eliminate pilot crew. In my opinion it is good idea how to save money for example for salary of the second pilot or next steward, but on the other hand we can´t be sure if it would be enough in case some accident or dangerous situation which can happen every time and we can´t anticipate them.

One of the biggest plans for future of air transport is to change airports using circular and endless runways instead of one straight runway next to the second and so one. The idea is basically about how to build airport, where can be more flights in less space to solve issue with flight delays. The main reason of flight delays is because of small space for takeoffs and landings. Henk Hesseling, an expert with the Netherlands Airspace Center, came up with the idea how to solve this daily problem. He had an idea about one circular runway, where airplanes would take off and land without any crossing with another airplane. The big advantage would be, that the aircrafts wouldn´t have any crosswind, but only headwind. The circle of this runway is expected to have 3,5 kilometers and 400 meters of width. With these parameters, many researches said three airplanes would be able to take off and land in the same time using a part of the circle.


When focusing on one aircraft, knows as an airbus, the airline industry is relatively high, when we focus on adverse of environmental impact. That is main reason why the future Airbus should consist of seats made just from ecological materials, but also for example of walls with 360-degrees views or to use green energy sources like solar panels. If the airplanes look a bit like birds, we can expect positive impact in emissions or burn fuel.


One of the big changes in future will be change in cabin of the airplane. Future cabins should look more like from passengers´ perspective. Future cabins will be inspired customers´ needs, they will be inspired by nature, designed to protect it. First, economy and business class will be more focused on passenger’s needs, also will be divided into zones, for example for relaxing, playing games in case long-time flight, or for business meetings. And machines will take care of the cleanness in these zones, thanks to nature inspiration, they can be expecting some damages like dirt repellent coatings.


Thanks to already mentioned zones, the airlines should be able to achieve available price for all passengers they need to do their successful business, give more people possibility to use air transport for their travelling and still look after the environment.