Future in air transportation

Air transport is the fastest, most modern and also most famous way of transportation nowadays. Many people prefer to travel using air transport because of these reasons. When I imagine technology in general, I would say that technology is everywhere in outside world, we use technology to communicate, to do homeworks, to work, to cook, to live, to travel and so one. Travel. When someone ask me something about travelling, every time my first idea is about air transport, as well as airports and aircrafts in generall. That is also the main reason why I chose air transport to write about in the theme technology. I decided to write something about Future in air transport, although there are numerous of plans how to develop air transport, I chose those for me most interesting.

The American company called Lockheed Martin is developing the fastest aircraft for passengers . Its name is QueSST. This aircraft should be faster than all aircrafts until now. What is pretty interesting for me is that the design of this aircraft will be different in compare with any existing aircraft, from the ground we would hear this aircraft as cotton on the neightbours´ car.


As far as aircrafts in generall and cabin crew, one of the plans how to develope and safe money for airlines is to eliminate pilot crew. In my opinion it is good idea how to save money for example for salary of the second pilot or next steward, but on the other hand we can´t be sure if it would be enough in case some accident or dangerous situation which can happen every time and we can´t anticipate them.

One of the biggest plans for future of air transport is to change airports using circular and endless runways instead of one straight runway next to the second and so one. The idea is basically about how to build airport, where can be more flights in less space to solve issue with flight delays. The main reason of flight delays is because of small space for takeoffs and landings. Henk Hesseling, an expert with the Netherlands Airspace Center, came up with the idea how to solve this daily problem. He had an idea about one circular runway, where airplanes would take off and land without any crossing with another airplane. The big advantage would be, that the aircrafts wouldn´t have any crosswind, but only headwind. The circle of this runway is expected to have 3,5 kilometers and 400 meters of width. With these parameters, many researches said three airplanes would be able to take off and land in the same time using a part of the circle.


When focusing on one aircraft, knows as an airbus, the airline industry is relatively high, when we focus on adverse of environmental impact. That is main reason why the future Airbus should consist of seats made just from ecological materials, but also for example of walls with 360-degrees views or to use green energy sources like solar panels. If the airplanes look a bit like birds, we can expect positive impact in emissions or burn fuel.


One of the big changes in future will be change in cabin of the airplane. Future cabins should look more like from passengers´ perspective. Future cabins will be inspired customers´ needs, they will be inspired by nature, designed to protect it. First, economy and business class will be more focused on passenger’s needs, also will be divided into zones, for example for relaxing, playing games in case long-time flight, or for business meetings. And machines will take care of the cleanness in these zones, thanks to nature inspiration, they can be expecting some damages like dirt repellent coatings.


Thanks to already mentioned zones, the airlines should be able to achieve available price for all passengers they need to do their successful business, give more people possibility to use air transport for their travelling and still look after the environment.









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