About me

Hi everyone,

my name is Sabina and I am 19 years old girl from Czech republic studying  in Denmark. I have made this blog just because one of my subjects in school is Speciality and the exam in this subject will be about this blog. So I thing when somebody is doing his/her own blog, it should include some info about that person. So I decided to write something about me, my family, my friends and my study time in Denmark.

Last year when I graduated in my high school, I studied air transport, I was thinking what I wanna do in the next part of my life. With few of my friends we went to visit companies offering study abroad. There I found company called Scandinavian study, which offer study in Scandinavia. In that moment I felt like I have just found something I wanna try. My biggest dream was to try to live abroad, and I felt like Denmark is really nice country, with friendly and happy people, so why not? I sent the application and here I am. After 7 months I am still here, I found a job, I like my study and I feel like to move from Czech to Denmark was the best decision I have ever done. I met the best people here, my friends here, they are like my family. Every weekend we do something together, we go to the trips pretty often, we want to make as many experiences as we can. When somebody ask me if I would go back to Czech Republic or if I miss my family, every time my answer is: „Of course I miss my family, but not too much to want to go back.“ We have skype and staff like that, so we can talk and see each other every day when we want to.

To say something what I like to do, for my whole life I love music. When I was still in Czech Republic, I used to go to the choir called Permoník and to play to the piano. I miss my piano so much here in Denmark. With my choir we won many competitions for example in New York, Sydney, South Korea and so one.

With my family every year we go to winter holiday, especially with my dad, to Italy to ski. This year, actually next week, we are going to Ponte di Legno, Passo tonale. I love Italy just because when I was young, my dad was working in Venice, so with my mum we lived there with him for 3 years. I used to speak Italian but I have forgotten almost everything from this language even I like it so much. Anyway I have started to learn myself Italian again, so we will see.

That´s all for now.

Have fun.




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