How can you sustain your company?

Many way of sustainability has been defined, but the most clear and the easiest is: „ the ability to sustain“ or „the capacity to endure“.  While sustainability is about the future, for today´s business, it is also about commercial. In this article, I would like to write about how to sustainable the company to looks good, to be success and so one. There are many ways to sustainable the company, for example in design, strategy, or brand.

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It is not every time easy and to sustainable the company can be a big challenge not just for business and economics. Business sustainability is defined as managing the triple bottom line: a way by which the companies manage social and environmental risks, also their financial risk or opportunities and obligations. These three impacts are hand down to as people, planet and profits. World Council for Economic Development, sustainable development means that „meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” For development to be sustainable, it must direct issues with for example innovation, prosperity, community, health or human rights.

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There is no workplace, which is 100% sustainable. Sustainable can be never reached to its fullest, but at least, the company can do their maximum of activities to be enough sustainable. As an example, many Danish companies and international companies working seriously with sustainability is because of these two points: they often pay and that it can improve the company´s reputation.

By looking to this future, the following seven areas can provide your office, or company with goals to save money while improving your business. They are: energy, water, transportation, waste (recycle), communicate, collaboration and health (healthy lifestyle). A surprising amount of waste can be found in one workplace, or company, especially there is no sustainability.

Now I would like to write some examples how to sustainable the company to its maximum.

First is to create awareness. Basic sustainability includes recycling and burning using for example vegetable oil for energy. Good example is also to ask colleagues to reduce the use of electricity, paper, or use of water. The second one is Dining and Catering Programs. It can be challenge for your company, but I think these programs can help to your company so much, because of the company use health food service, it means little bit sustainability, part health I have already written about. An idea is to include for example raised meat, eggs, vegetables and lot of fruits, everything with zero-waste.

I have already mention the company can sustain itself with design, I would like to write some examples the company can use. Creating green buildings is the kernel of modern design and architecture.

·       Create a rooftop garden

This kind of garden can improve air quality, reduce runoff and conserve energy. In my opinion, it is also good possibility for employees to breathe a fresh air. Breathing a fresh air really helps when somebody is tired, because of sitting on the chair in the office everytime. Another idea is to consider. Rooftop gardens also imbibe pollutants, which is important in almost every bigger city, to make healthier air quality for your staff.

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·       Install Dynamic Glass

Windows we can find in every office, but there are not positive impact a company´s energy-efficacy. It is recommended to install Dynamic glass for the company´s windows. This glass  is controlling sunlight to optimize daylight, outdoor view, so comfort for the employees. Dynamic glass reduces energy dement because of blocking sunlight when hot days are.

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·       Use LED Lighting

LED lighting has better light quality than others types of lighting. LED uses 75% less energy and lasts 25 times longer lighting. It is also more comfortable for your eyes, so it makes your employees not tired.

In my opinion, the examples I have mention in this article can really help your company to be more sustainable, even it can be a big challenge, it is enough to make little changes for example in lights, and the company is little bit more sustainable in that moment.

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